Graham coxon dating

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Full of wise words and light actions she creates an atmosphere of childlike wonder in every new situation. For her, the world is the same big playground it always was, buying gadgets from around the globe and trading guitar licks with some of her biggest influences.Her zen bond to 2D has always been strong ; she described him as 'smelling of butterscotch angel delight' in an early intervew, and in the video to 'Rock It' she is seen being carried by a weary 2D.

One to remember who they were; their pasts and their training as soldiers.

During Phase One Noodle spoke no English whatsoever.

She had her own interpreter, Alan, who was in many interviews with her.

Always the most centred of the band, Noodle takes Gorillaz' success in her stride.

Likes: Power Puff Girls, Tomagatchi pets, Pokemon, Yo-yo's, her new radio headphone hat, rice and noodles.

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