Intimidating comebacks

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First of all, I did take a look at the cast: Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Diane Lane, Tom Jane...

I thought that I couldn't go wrong even with Rourke and Dawson alone like in Sin City, but I was mistaken.

Rourke pretends to be a Native Indian, and does his job real good, but he is no Native Indian even nearly.

The character of Rosario Dawson is wasted totally, you can cut it off and forget easily. Tom Jane tried to perform like a super-man from The Punisher, but he was clearly no supposed to. Even though the whole thing starts up pretty promising, it degrades in quality quickly and leads to a dumb, really dumb end.

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Selecting a reading program can be an intimidating task.

This article provides background information on scientifically based research conducted on various reading programs, the findings of the National Reading Panel, and some resources for learning more about reading programs.

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