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I caressed her lower back, squeezing her body hard against mine.

It was then that I started to get hard, my prick standing at attention.

She looked at me surprised at first, then she smiled.

Who knows what she was thinking having a young mans hard cock pushed rudely against her!

One Thursday I worked up the nerve to ask Edie if she wanted to dance. I wrapped my arms around her and we glided across the dance floor.

Her tits pressed against my chest, feeling full and heavy.

I wonder if they knew that I was walking around with a raging hardon. Every Thursday the center held a dance to raise funds. A live band was brought in, and all the ladies got dolled up- I mean, really dolled up.

I would damn near blow serious loads in my pants as I watched the elderly ladies gyrating around to the music in low cut dresses and tight pantsuits.

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I set out to get ready-just like a nervous kid on his prom night.

A few years back I got a job working at a senior citizens center.

The pay was good, the work was easy, and I got a chance to check out all the senior ass hanging around.

I cant tell you how many times I had to run to the bathroom to stroke my aching cock, the images of big, sagging tits, and juicy granny asses on my mind the whole time.

Every now and again one of the these prime ladies would jokingly flirt with me, not knowing the dirty things I would do to her if I had the chance.

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