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That there may be some all-encompassing rationale to the system is borne out by some of its underlying symmetry, for even that rather odd sounding 51/2 yards to the rod still manages to work well throughout the system.

The following are divisions of the Imperial System, expressed in yards and rods, yet both sides of the table are expressed in round numbers.

This is all very logical: the foot and yard were part of one measurement system and the furlong and rod were part of another.

Where they met formed that uncomfortable 51/2 yards to the rod.

A fraction of 22 : 7 springs to mind as an obvious choice, it is a very simple approximation of the precise Pi number and it also has an even numbered numerator - the number 22.

My proposal is that the Pi ratio used in all of the Imperial System was 22 : 7.

Kolik lidí propadlo honbě za nalezením Haly Záznamů a ještě neobjevených síní Velké Pyramidy? As was explained in some detail by P J Crowe in the last issue of SIS Review, the number 40 is a favourite of the biblical scribes, but why?

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It was interesting to note the cleric's view in Crowe's article, which was that 'no numbers in the Bible should be considered or used mathematically'.This is simply theological obfuscation, the Bible painstakingly details the measurements of many structures, and many of these measurements were originally considered sacred.Indeed, Jesus was not simply a carpenter, but a tekton (tektwn) or an architect.It is also a fixed constant of nature, so there is not much that can done about that - the value of Pi cannot be changed, it just has to be circumvented.So if a designer wished to encompass the value of Pi into a building or, indeed into a measurement system, the obvious solution would be to choose an approximation of Pi that was divisible by even units.

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