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If the traffic is routed through an adapter on the host, it is possible to use Wireshark or a similar tool to capture the traffic there.However, this often also includes a lot of traffic unrelated to the VM.This is normal behavior and should normally cause no real problems, as the guest should repeat commands that have timed out. some Linux versions) have severe problems if a write to an image file takes longer than about 15 seconds.Some file systems however require more than a minute to complete a single write, if the host cache contains a large amount of data that needs to be written.

Sometimes when there is a problem, it is useful to have a look at the logs.The symptom for this problem is that the guest can no longer access its files during large write or copying operations, usually leading to an immediate hang of the guest.In order to work around this problem (the true fix is to use a faster file system that doesn't exhibit such unacceptable write performance), it is possible to flush the image file after a certain amount of data has been written.In case of crashes, it is very important to collect to create a dump of a complete virtual machine; see Section8.40, “VBox Manage debugvm”.For network related problems, it is often helpful to capture a trace of network traffic.

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